Have I been officially refused?

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Hi all

I am looking for a new balance transfer card as my current 0% runs out in a few weeks.

I have a Virgin CC & recently applied for a 0% Virgin balance transfer card as, looking at the guides on Virgin Money it referenced transferring a balance from another Virgin CC, I thought 'Great - I can get have 2 Virgin CCs, lets apply for the 0% balance one'.

A few days later I received an email stating 'Unfortunately, as you already have a credit card issued by Virgin Money, we are unable to issue you another card at this time.'

Does that count as an official refusal? I initially thought yes but it was a very short email, doesn't used the word decline & the phrase 'unable to issue you another card' sounds more like I've requested a new card for the same account. Its also been a while since I've been refused a credit card so I can't remember the typical decline/refusal wording....

Am i being unrealistically optimistic?! or is it an obvious & official rejection?
Will it stop me applying for another 0% CC (MBNA) in the next few days?

Any advice/thoughts are much appreciated



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