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I haven’t seen this enquiry here for a few years so I am starting a new thread. Can anyone recommend the best broadband deal for a charity.

It’s for my church, which is a registered charity. We have a BT line, but it was disconnected years ago, so we will have to factor reconnecting that into the overall cost as well.

Any suggestions gladly received.

Thank you.


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    I'm not aware of any. You might find you can get a domestic deal rather than business. You'll have to phone around and ask.

    Worth thinking about what you need and how much use it will get. Are you planning to hang a phone system on it? How many phone and internet users? Streaming videos? And so on.

    At work we've just installed FTTP to replace BB. But that's for 30-40 computers plus shortly a phone system.
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  • Thank you. I will look around.
    Thanks again.
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    Hi.  We went with a SIM card and router for our hall.  It doesn’t get that much use and worked out a lot cheaper than a landline we don’t need and broadband on top.
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    Hi Andrew,
    Did you manage to resolve this satisfactorily?  I ask because I'm currently faced with the same task and wondered whether you could give any useful advice.
    Many thanks!
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