Error on credit report

I was with British Gas up until November 2018 when I switched to E-on. British Gas failed to realise this and continued trying to bill me and take payment. I’d cancelled the direct debit so they obviously couldn’t take anything. They then reported missed payments on my credit report, for a number of months. I then contacted Equifax through noddle who have since removed it. It took quite a while but after a few back and fourths and me providing evidence they contacted British Gas who agreed and removed the missed payments. I’ve since checked Experian and call credit (TransUnion) and they still have a missed payment of may 2019.

How am I best contacting these agencies to correct the information? I did contact TransUnion who said they can’t remove it only BG can and I should contact them. They did say if BG don’t reply within 28 days they’d suppress it but I want it removed.

If I contact British Gas do they have an obligation to remove it as it’s their fault and who would I contact?

Any help would be appreciated as Equifax took around 3 months and I was hoping for a quicker resolution.



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