Balance Transfer refused by MBNA

Hi All, I've been stoozing for many years and gaining from the advice here. It's saved a lot of £.

I've been using an MBNA card as my Super Balance Transfer card.

I just transferred a BT from a Sainsbury card to my MBNA, waited a few days, then rang them to ask for a transfer to my bank account, since I'd inadvertently put my MBNA into credit. I was asked how my card had got into credit; never had that before. I explained that my wife had accidentally transferred to the wrong account. I was told that despite being in credit, this would not be possible. I was told that I needed to contact the original transferrer and ask for a reversal. Despite 15 mins of attempted "persuasion", MBNA still refused to do a money transfer.

What's happened here? Is this a one-off? Or is it something new now that they are controlled by Lloyds?

What would you do next?


  • molerat
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    It looks like they have got wise to those trying to game the system now they are under new management.
  • BoGoF
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    Can you do an online money transfer to your current account.....prob have to pay the fee mind you.

    Since Lloyds took over it has been increasingly difficult to put MBNA into correct, e.g. you cann't pay more than current balance when you could before.

    Another loophole closed by the look of things. Too many people abusing the system and this is what happens.
  • Thrugelmir
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    ZX81 wrote: »

    What would you do next?

    Reverse the transfer.
  • Moireach
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    Frustrating that people abuse the system and make things awkward for others. I accidentally overpaid to MBNA last week and they had no issue refunding to my bank account but they could probably tell I had made a genuine mistake because I didn't ask for a transfer to my account I just told them what had happened. It was only £127 too though which might make a difference.
  • I supposed they changed the rules to combat Stoozing, shame though as I was hoping to stooze when I’m old enough to 😉
  • Ann_robins
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    I’ve gone through the process of checking to see if I’d qualify for a BT card on here 2 or 3 times and never got a positive result. It’s always 0% chance of acceptance.  I don’t understand why. I’m in FT employment and have been for years, I have a mortgage I’ve never missed a payment on, all my credit agreements (only phone, house/contents ins) are on track and my recent Equifax score was up at about 970. Any ideas why this might be?
  • You need to check the data in your three files, not the scores.  See what appears - there may be something obvious.

    If not, it may be simple affordability.
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