Getting to grips with my debt!

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    Hi Sunflowerlady,

    They are basically apps run by market research organisations.

    They allow you to earn money by photographing your receipts.

    They will never make anybody wealthy, BUT I guess every penny counts, AND receipt hog is kinda fun for a minute or two, lol.

    I have installed Shoppix also but as of yet haven't filled in all the personal info.

    Todays diary

    Smashed it at work today. A lucrative day for sure.

    A NSD as well so all is good.

    Yet again I am exhausted so off to bed goes I.

    Night, night. :)
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    Yesterday was my first real hiccup.

    I gave up vaping a short while ago, and as part of giving up I got rid of my vape.

    Yesterday I was struck by a significant amount of anxiety whilst out at work.

    The thought arose that vaping might help.

    I battled this thought for maybe 45 minutes only before I succumbed.

    I bought a new vape, liquid and coils. £40 lighter in pocket and feeling foolish!

    What have I learnt?

    At this time in my life vaping is not the worst thing I could be doing to myself. I vape menthol flavour which is easy going on coils so therefore not overly expensive.

    I can give up again, AND if I do perhaps I wont dispose of the vape next time. Perhaps give it to my girlfriend for safekeeping instead.

    Anyways, yesterday would have been another NSD if it wasn't for this foolishness.

    Perhaps today will be better. Indeed, I am sure it will.

    NOTE TO SELF - Vaping does not ease anxiety. Exercise, breathing and mindfulness will if given time and a touch of effort.

    I will learn one day, lol! :)


    Anxiety again today whilst working.

    I finished work early.

    I'm not feeling great tonight to be honest but at least I haven't spent any money to fix my feelings.

    Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

    Ciao 4 now. :/

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    Welcome to the boards, seems like you're doing well and are determined. Keep at it you'll get there
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