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Geek/Comic or Space Exhibitions UK

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I’m not sure if this is allowed but I’m majorly stuck for a 40th gift to my husband!

Due to finances and also a toddler under 2, we can’t quite make his Japan dream come true for his 40th (not that he was asking for it but it was something he always wanted) but I thought a UK trip for all three of us might be an idea

However, my Mind is like fog these days - call it baby brain and I need suggestions for ANY comic/geek conventions or exhibits as we are massive comic book fans or any space or historical exhibits which could be interesting as husband is a big history fan and loves anything to do with space

Other than that, any ideas for alternative exhibitions or trips would be great!
I want something he can remember but also something which could involve a young toddler

Help!!! I’ve got till may to arrange but I’ve got total mind block 😩


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