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Audible tricks, including £3.99 month membership – blog discussion

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Audible tricks, including £3.99 month membership – blog discussion

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edited 21 January at 1:42PM in Shop but don't drop
Audible can be costly, but an easy trick to instantly slash even this to £3.99. Plus there are hacks to get completely free Audible audiobooks, slash the cost of specific audiobooks by buying a Kindle book first and borrow digital copies of audiobooks for free via local libraries.

Read the full blog:
Audible MoneySaving tricks


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    Even cheaper: visit your local library and the typical cost of borrowing an audiobook for 4 weeks is around £1.50. Some boroughs (eg London Borough of Hillingdon) don't charge residents who have a Leisurelink card and are either over 65, a full time student or in some other qualifying category:
  • This worked for me. Thank you
  • izzyw50izzyw50 Forumite
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    Worked for me but the app borrowbox is a free library loan app for audio and ebooks but they dont have the choice that audible do so I use both
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    I’ve been a member of Audible since 2012. I have the 24 book annual membership and have also bought books for cash when they worked out cheaper via daily deals and bought extra credits (which BTW are only £11 for 3, making each book £3.66!!)

    Have I ever returned a book? Yes, I’ve returned several over the years - usually because I didn’t like either the book or the narrator. I’ve also returned books that I knew I would never listen to again (see further below for my suggestion regarding this).

    I have read all the comments and think some of them are being a tad unfair towards MSE. They are only giving their readers the information widely available on Amazon/Audible and clearly point out the ethics of returning a book (I’ve copied and pasted what was written below).............

    MSE WROTE..... “””If you're REALLY not a fan of an Audible book, you can return it within a year of purchase – even if you've finished it. It's straightforward to do – just select the reason you're returning it, such as 'Did not like the book' or 'Did not like the narrator', from a list. (See full step-by-step instructions on how to do it.)

    Of course, you should only do this if you were genuinely disappointed with a purchase, and even then carefully consider the ethics of doing it, to be fair to authors – after all, audiobooks take time and money to produce, as well as a lot of hard work.

    If you paid in cash, you'll get a refund. If you used an Audible credit to buy it, you'll be given an extra credit.

    There's no set number of books you can return, but reading between the lines, Audible doesn't want folk to take the mickey.

    It says: "You can return audiobooks if you're not completely satisfied, but we may limit how many you can return. This limit varies based on the number of returns you've already made, and the timing of your return."””

    So, regarding returning books for a refund......

    Yes, if you find that you don’t like the book for some reason and have not listened to it all, by all means return it for a refund (credit or cash).

    But..... and here’s my suggestion that Audible could consider.....

    If you’ve listened to the whole book and don’t want to keep it for some reason you could ‘give it away’ rather than expect a refund. The same way as you would give away/donate a physical book that you know you won’t read again. That way (I assume) the author, narrator and Audible would not lose out.
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    I've borrowed a book under prime subscription (so free in prime reading ) & it let me download the audible version the same as if I had bought the book.. Then I just returned the book & kept the reduced audio book.
  • izzyw50izzyw50 Forumite
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    Terrific, worked for me. I've been a member for 7 years and have occasionally taken a break and I've found the site very helpful happy to refund if you've bought something you don't like, great site
  • amoneythinghappenedamoneythinghappened Forumite
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    Audible often tempt you to stay if you want to leave. So even if you're happy with the service, going through the cancellation process might get you another free credit for a book, a month's subscription for free. Worth a try! It's not like you actually have to cancel. 
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