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how to check where my washing machine gets power from?

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how to check where my washing machine gets power from?

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lilaczoeylilaczoey Forumite
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We're replacing our washing machine, and i want to figure out where our current machine gets its power from (i couldn't move the washing machine myself but i believe it's not plugged in to a socket). There is a FCU above the kitchen counter near the washing machine, and when i switch it off it also switches off the washing machine. However I also discovered a box in the kitchen cupboard unit right next to the washing machine (with nothing on the front of the box), and when I looked inside, it also has 6 wires connected to it. So could it be that the washing machine is wired into this box (as it's closer), and this box gets its electricity from the FCU? How could i check this?

When i get my new machine, would it be ok to wire it directly to this box? Should i ask an electrician to put in a socket just so we can plug the new machine in? I called the manufacturer and they said wiring it in won't void the warranty as long as it's done by a professional (i.e., the person from John Lewis who's going to install it), but I'm just worried that they won't wire it to the box for me.

Thank you!


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