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Good morning all,

I've done a quick search and can't find anything regarding this company anywhere, so here we go. My husband received a payout from his bank after using Resolver some months back.

He then received a letter from "HD Law" including scanned photocopies of the official documents he had received from his bank during the claim, asking for payment of over £500 to progress the claim further.

Obviously, he's already received the money directly from the bank and has had no contact with this company. We have now received a "FINAL DEMAND" notice threatening legal action if we do not make this alleged pament in the next 7 days.

I've had a quick look online and the google reviews seem to point towards a scam, but i cant find any articles so far discussing this in more detail.

We're stuck with what to do as i've never dealt with this kind of situation before.

Any ideas?

Many thanks


  • Ask them for proof of the contract they believe he signed.
  • Speak to your bank (teams that deal with PPI) and see what records they have. They should be able to tell you if HD Law had dealt with them and be able to provide you with any documentation that they have.
    Did your husband carry out any sort of "Free PPI Check" online with these people?
    I work in Data Protection and spend my days dealing with CMC's. Only here trying to help!!
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    HD Law are a solicitors firm and are easily checked on the law society website.

    Whilst people may have their issues with this company, it is highly unlikely to be a scam and more likely something your husband may have signed up to and forgot.

    Ask them to supply you with a copy of the signed contract and applicable t&cs and take it from there.
  • Apparently I asked HD Law to investigate PPI on my behalf, I heard nothing from them for nearly a year so decided to claim using the Resolver process.
    Last year I was successful in claiming back PPI using Resolver. In fact I made several claims and was successful in 95% of those claims. I heard from HD Law about 6 weeks after my claim with Lloyds was closed saying they had secured an undisclosed sum of money from Lloyds on my behalf, I called them and asked them to tell me how much, they were unable to give me a figure. I contacted Lloyds PPI claim department and asked them who the claimant was for the money I had received, they informed me it was me, and they also said it was through Resolver, I asked them if they had ever had any correspondence from HD Law raising a claim, they informed me that no such claim from them existed, they had never received anything from them. I asked what my position was regarding them saying that they had secured the repayment of PPI, they said HD Law have no claim on any funds I had received.
  • Forgot add to the above, I have not had any documentation from HD Law with evidence of my claim being made or paid out, as far as I am concerned this is closed and they have no claim on monies reclaimed. This morning I got an email to say they are still working on my claim even though it has been resolved and closed, so I really don't know what they are doing. they included an email address to reply to but this is actually blank, when you click on it to reply to them this is what you get xxxx@xxxx.co.uk

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    Apparently I asked HD Law to investigate PPI on my behalf, I heard nothing from them for nearly a year so decided to claim using the Resolver process.
    Last year I was successful in claiming back PPI using Resolver. 
    Like many who decided to "go it alone" only  after first signing a claim company contract, looks like you're now in a bit of a fix. 

    Certainly you had a valid complaint against this firm if you'd heard nothing for such a long time, but if you failed to  formally cancel  the contract as a result of this seeming delay then I can't see you easily wriggling out of paying them I'm afraid. 

    If Lloyds are saying that your complaint was due solely to your actions, why did they inform HD Law of your successful complaint? Lloyds would only  contact HD Law if you signed a Letter Of Authority (LOA) allowing the company to represent you. 

    In the first instance, you need to contact HD Law and ask them to provide a copy of the signed contract and LOA. There will be other contact details available apart from  the apparently "dead" return e-mail address they provided. 

    Very importantly, do not assume that you can safely ignore their payment demands, otherwise you are likely to find yourself with a court summons. There is no 'scam'. 
  • We have recently received a PPI payment and have been contacted via e-mail by a company purporting to be HD Law. However, the e-mail looks very scam-like (horrible font, name spelled incorrectly, mangled URL) and I am loathe to click on any link on such an e-mail. If this is a real company then this approach is highly unprofessional. We do not recall engaging them to search for us (but we're old and forgetful :) ) but if we did, I would expect them to send us an invoice in the post on company headed notepaper with verifiable details. Until they do this I do not intend responding to them - we have set aside the money as a precaution.
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    You’ll get a letter before action on company headed notepaper if you ignore them for long enough.
    helpful tips
    it's spelt d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y
    there - 'in or at that place'
    their - 'owned by them'
    they're - 'they are'
    it's bought not brought (i just bought my chicken a suit from that new shop for £6.34)
  • Hi I hi what was your outcome from HD Law what did they do?
    we are having constant emails, phone calls and text messages from them. They said we filled a form in, we are sure we didn’t but never heard anything then the bank sent us some information, we ignored that and the next thing we got a cheque. Yes we banked it but this company said they did everything but the paperwork they sent us after did not have our signature on it was a squiggly line. What can we do? We do not ever recall having any dealings with this company or any in that fact sure they would not have contacted us if the cheque went direct to them as they never contacted us regarding anything. Only now with the fact that the bank refunded us something.  Please could someone help this is making me ill. Thanks
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    The cheque would never have gone to them, so it's a moot point.

    If you do not believe you signed a contract with them, then you should dispute it.  However, they clearly have details of your complaint, so you may need to think carefully.
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