False Redundancy?

Never been active here but have been stalking you lot for many years and some of you seem like clever people so here goes.

Wondering if you could share your thoughts?

Got told that my role (Warehouse Supervisor) is being made redundant due to some restructuring.
Also got told that there would instead be a Logistics Team Leader.
Myself and somebody from another department (not at risk of redundancy) applied for this new role and her got it over me.
From what I can tell, this new role pays the same as my current salary and the only difference is that there will be slightly less responsibility (with some of the admin being passed onto the operatives)
I'm thinking that, especially if the pay is the same, then my role either isn't redundant after all or that I should have automatically been transitioned into the new one.
I've actually said that I'll stay on as an iterative myself, where they will expect me to train up my replacement and new boss.
This is all bearing in mind that as soon as redundancy got mentioned, word on the grapevine was that the guy who has ended up with the job would get it and he wouldn't be replaced himself. He was one of two Team Leaders in our factory and the vine was saying he wouldn't be replaced.
This has come to fruition.
My thoughts are that I will try to find somewhere else to go, quit during my 4 week trial period, take my redundancy and then see what ACAS have to say. I was hoping to see if any of you could think of any reason that I shouldn't do this?
Sorry for the wall, sorry for any typos in this and also sorry that if any of you fine people do reply, I'll not be checking on this now until the morning unless this keeps me awake any longer.
Thanks in advance


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    The role is different, therefore the old role is redundant. You said yourself that the new role is less responsibility, therefore it is a different role.

    Who they choose for the new role is up to them, but your old role doesn't exist, therefore nothing wrong with making you redundant. If you are going to appeal, the only possible thing you could appeal on is if they have followed the process correctly, even then I doubt anything would come of it.

    The only advice I would give you is to move on gracefully.

    I don't understand the finding somewhere else to go and quitting during a trial period? What would that achieve? You still need some form of income going forward? That action would reflect badly on you as a person and if its in the same industry, word would travel quickly and it may count against you in finding any other future role.
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    If the person moving to the new role is not being replaced in his old one, then surely he too would have been redundant if not appointed to the new role.
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