Potential redundancy next year As security staff

Hi lovely folk ,

I’ve been a security supervisor at a site for almost 16 years now working 6 shifts a week all 12 hours . I’ve been tupee’d over various companies along the way but always the same client and site. Now our site is winding down and it’s likely to close within the next 14 months , so obviously a few of us on the long term have considered our options. We work for the security firm so to speak and not the site management after all . But our company doesn’t have positions in the south of England that aren’t door jobs on minimal hours for a couple nights a week . We are literally the only team in the country on their books as all other staff are self employed basis but because we were tupee staff they couldn’t do that to us. What I’m trying to say is once this site is gone then our company can’t offer us similar hours elsewhere . Not even close . Where do we stand exactly ? Some are saying we wouldn’t be considered for redundancy because we are zero hours . Goes over my head really . We’ve been at the same site for many years and haven’t been floated about . In fact I’ve been in the same shift pattern since 2004 . I have options of other jobs but is it worth hanging on? Really don’t know what to do as this place is a miserable environment now .

Thanks guys and appreciate that I’ve written a lot here . I can’t get any definitive answers .


  • Assuming none of you are in a union, this is one where it is worth clubbing together and getting proper legal advice. The reason for that is that you are probably not zero hours workers (based on what you have said) but it is correct that true zero hours workers are not eligible for redundancy payments. I can only go on what little you have said here, but zero hours workers can't be TUPE'd because they aren't employees. But get proper advice - it could well be worth it. Or, given the fact this is a long time off - join a union like you should have done in the first place. Then if you need legal advice or help you'll get it.
  • Thanks for the reply . The trouble with us is only 3 in the existing 6 in our team have kept their terms from the beginning . The rest are on self employed basis . Those of us who were tupeed refused to sign the new companies terms as it wavered a lot of things like holiday pay being trimmed to an average rate . Also the company paying for our licences ( which they still do but not without moaning about it ) . The only thing I’m missing is an actual copy of our terms . The only physical contract I have is from 2 companies ago sadly as I figured out info must be logged somewhere . Really must approach the company for a copy . Tupee was mentioned every time we transferred companies so I must assume this was the case . Our terms always the same and never changed where new staff would be different completely . I’m going to speak to citizens advice at earliest opportunity to see what they say . Also see if I can get a copy of my terms from the company . Half of me is so set on getting out of there now as it’s such a depressing place to be. Management have pretty much deserted us there knowing only a year left to go. Nobody is disciplined because they’d rather not replace staff . I just can’t help but think the best way to annoy them is to take a chunk of money off of them at the end but is it worth my mental health being so stressed . Sorry I’m really vague , I really am clueless .
  • CAB are very good at a lot of things. They are not employment specialists. Either get out if that is what you need to do, or do as I advised you. You cannot short cut getting accurate and competent advice.
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