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Royal mail alternative?

Royal mail have lost all my daughters ESA paperwork despite me sending it special delivery [£8.70] , i have to resend the information but don't trust RM .
Does anyone use a different carrier ?


  • The best advice someone gave to me years ago from the DWP was never send anything recorded/signed for, just get a proof of posting.
    Back to the question;when did you send it and when did they say they hadn't received it? It will often take 10 days from it being received to being scanned into the system and until its been scanned in they will think they haven't got it.
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    If the DWP mail is received and opened by a Royal Mail mail centre, these don't have street addresses and won't receive post from other carriers.

    You can usually hand applications in at a local Jobcentre
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    According to your other thread you sent it Special Delivery on 23rd December to arrive on 24th ? That's only six working days ago at most, assuming that the mail centre was open and fully staffed al lthe time between Christmas and the New Year. .

    I think you need to give it a bit longer - as venison says, until the mail opening centre scans it into the system DWP staff won't be able to see it and it can take a while for that to happen.
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    If you sent it to DWP on 23rd December, which is 1 day before they would have closed for Christmas. Christmas Eve they closed and didn't re-open until Monday 30th. They were then closed again on New years day.

    It most likely won't be received until the end of next week but possibly longer because i've heard backlogs are huge with postal delays going to DWP.

    What was the ESA paper work for?
  • RedredrobinRedredrobin Forumite
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    my point is theirs no signature to say its been received and yesterday a letter arrived tell me time is running out to return it .
  • The letter saying not received is computer generated, if you have concerns call them tomorrow
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    Does the Royal Mail tracking system say it’s been delivered or not? If not, it may well be lost. If it says it’s delivered then it may be received but unprocessed as others have suggested.
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    I do plan to call tomorrow .

    tracking has said the same since Dec 24th .

    In Transit Tracking no. JS364119200GB
    Your item has reached NW Midlands Mail Centre. More information will be available as it travels through our network.

    Service used:
    Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed 1pm™
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    I had the same issue the week before Christmas week. The website showed no update for 2 days and I was panicking as the paperwork had to be there for 26 December. My postman knew of no delays and said to ring customer services. I phoned Royal Mail and the DWP. The upshot was the paperwork had been delivered but the website not updated and I received a refund for the delivery cost.
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    What is the ESA paperwork? (per poppy's earlier question, to which I can't see an answer)

    Is it an ESA50 form?

    If so, and if your daughter is claiming ESA due to depression /anxiety / other mental health difficulties then when you ring the ESA line make them aware of this. The DWP have more discretion over timescales with mental health ESA claims.

    As has been said:
    the DWP mailing system is backlogged;
    proof of posting is best. Recorded / signed for delays things even further;
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