Paid for parking but parked in wrong bay

Hi everyone, I paid for visitors permit which is £5 for a day in southwark, ive paid this before multiple times and always just parked outside the Flat and never recieved a ticket. However last time I did I got one, I replied telling them I’d paid and sent them my confirmation email, however they told me they wont cancel it because the reciept number shows I should park in a J bay but I parked in an E bay.

The problem is its not clear at all where I should park, when your paying for the ticket it doesnt specify, they confirmation email you recieve does not specify, so I just assumed you just park outside the flat of the adress you put in when paying for it. Only if you go onto their website and look at the paid tickets does it say the bay J.

Is there any hope of me challenging this again to get the fine removed, its not clear and can be an honest mistake made by many people, and the road where I park is always completely empty anyway so Its not like im taking anyones space. (The J and E bays are about 100metres apart)


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