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I am in the process of getting a DRO. I’ve received my application pack from stepchange but they are asking for the account numbers and addresses for all of the companies that my debts are with.

I do not have the majority of the account numbers as I only have the information that is on the credit file as I spent years putting my letters straight in the bin. Will this be an issue or can they find these out themselves?



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    Same question was asked by someone else the other day, so the same answer applies to you too :

    You need to get on the phone and start ringing around, look on your credit files, all your accounts should show on at least one of the 3 credit reference agencies, contact the original creditor and simply ask them who they sold the account too.

    You must get this information 100% correct for a DRO, its not like bankrupcy, where all your debt is included, listed or not, in a DRO you must list each creditor and the balance owed on the day you apply, its critical you get this right.

    So phone around and get the information you need, you have to be pro-active here to help yourself, and sometimes a little legwork is required.
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    That’s not the issue, I know who all my debts are with, it’s just the account numbers and the addresses of the companies that I haven’t got.

    Going by my previous dealings with debt companies, getting the account numbers from them will be like getting blood out of a stone!
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    The major creditors are just pulled from a drop-down list so stepchange don't need that info from you.

    Obviously if it's a minor player or a local business or private individual then they will need an address.

    As for reference numbers it's best to get them where you can so that they can be put on the application but this isn't communicated to the creditor so if stepchange have to put reference not known, that is acceptable.
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