Handheld Tablets for Drawing Recommendations?

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As much as I would LOVE an iPad Pro as everyone is raving about it and Procreate looks brilliant as I work with photoshop but I’m afraid my budget can’t stretch that far

I am looking to see if a tablet exists that I am able to do drawings on - looking for one which can use a thin stylus for detail.

Does such a tablet exist that doesn’t need connected to a computer or a 1k price tag?


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    for your budget , An older surface pro or an ipad are solid and affordable options compared to the really high end stuff. 
    however, that you can get a  drawing monitor like the XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro : www.xp-pen.com/product/65.html  which have pen input for around 300-400 USD. it have pen tilt,  so if you need pen tilt/pressure for digital painting, then XP-Pen Artist Pro series is still your affordable choice. the only issue is that it need to connected to the laptop .
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