IVA completed but being chased for info

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Good morning! This is my first post, so please bear with me.

Back in April 2019 I was extremely lucky to be able to pay my IVA off in full. This was due to my partner remortgaging and being able to give me a lump sum of cash. I now pay him back each month instead. I received my IVA certificate of completion and PayPlan confirmed everything is done and I no longer need to pay into the IVA.

However, today I've received a letter from a PayPlan linked company telling me that I need to supply my tax information and personal details, so they can check my tax codes with HMRC. I do not want to do this as I am sure my tax code is fine. I was recently issued a new one from my employer, via HMRC and I have never been self employed or anything like that. So my salary has been stable and I've no reason to believe otherwise.

There's lots of info in the letter about why and how my creditors are entitled to any tax refunds I may get. But I don't have any creditors as my IVA is completed. My understanding is that any money I receive now would legally me mine anyway? Or am I wrong?

Could anyone please advise whether I have to supply my details?

Thanks so much.


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