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Our family has been with the same vet practice for several decades. We have always paid our monthly vet bills on account. They send us a bill at the beginning of each month for any work done the previous month and these have always been paid promptly. This week the receptionist embarrassed me by asking for payment as I came out of a consultation. She said that they were changing their billing and wanted payment at the time of treatment. This is the first we had heard of it - does anyone know if they are obliged to give notice of any kind of change such as this or can they just do what they want? It would be a shame to have to look for a new vet after such a long time as they always look after the animals well, but this would cause problems.


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    Can you not chuck it on a credit card or something, if you'd be paying it off at the end of the month anyway?
    Seems a shame to lose a good vet for the sake of an earlier payment.
    The other alternative would be to talk to the vet rather than the receptionist to see if they would give you a bit of leeway as a longstanding customers for the changeover.

    Good luck finding another vet that doesn't charge on the day of the treatment though - normal practice to pay at the time round my way.
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    Has the practice been taken over by one of the large companies?
    Ours was a couple of years ago . Same staff but now much more corporate.
    As regular customers known to pay bills when issued we had a choice of pay at consultation or have bill sent . Now it’s pay at consultation. Or when the vet has prepared the invoice for the large animals that the vet has to come out to .
    I also think you may struggle to find a practice willing to bill you and your best bet would be to talk to the vet you know.
    You will be a stranger to a new practice.
  • I have a lot of pets and no credit. The old system has worked well for so long we never considered it would change.
  • It is costly for them to send out invoices each month, and there will always be some clients who are tardy and negligent about paying, so more reminders and paper work for the staff. It helps to keep costs down if bills are paid at the reception at the time of treatment.
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