Should they make me redundant

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    Dsharris wrote: »
    I'm sorry but where did I say I intend to resign?
    On the other site that you posted the exact same problem on. After posting this situation, you then went on to post another thread two days ago saying that you intended to resign and that if you then had two weeks holiday over the Christmas period and then signed yourself off sick for a week and have three weeks notice, would you be able to not return to work at all. That was you, wasn't it Darren?
  • I was just asking advice, trying to cover all bases, didn't say I was going to resign it was just a what if ?
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    Dsharris wrote: »
    I was just asking advice, trying to cover all bases, didn't say I was going to resign it was just a what if ?
    Yes, and I was covering the bases by telling you that resigning would make the entire matter of a possible redundancy moot. It is an extremely relevant piece of information. We have no idea what else we don't know, or what you have considered relevant in covering all those bases, which is why it is foolish, based on some exceptionally spartan information you have provided, to assume that we know enough to say it is a redundancy. Hence the advice to get proper legal advice before acting precipitously - nobody here can possibly presume to be sure that we have all relevant information. It depends what "bases" you thought it was relevant to tell us. For example, we have no idea what your boss is going to say tomorrow, or how that might impact on things. We have no idea whether they have taken legal advice and know that redundancy applies - or doesn't apply. But it cannot be assumed that it does. To be honest, we can't even assume you are an employee (and only employees qualify for redundancy payments) - people have assumed you are, but it is nowhere in evidence in anything you have said. It is perfectly possible to work for someone and not be an employee.
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    I think what Dsharris is saying. If his boss made everyone else redundant but kept him on but messed him about since basically why cant he have a slice of the redundancy cherry?
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