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Staying in the black 2020

Shiny new diary - simply hope to make good decisions to make sure there are enough pennies in the bank to cover the bills. Also I’ve found that when the spending is under control, so too is the diet! Not even waiting until the new year - no time like the present!


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    Going to try and update each day to keep myself motivated and accountable.

    Had to venture in to town this morning. People going buck mad spending money for Christmas! Found myself in Starbu*ks but only ordered a tea and a bottle of water. Actually wanted a caramel latte and 2 mince pies so massive restraint here!! £3.70 spend. Managed to get away with just 2 hours of parking so only £3.60 for the car park.

    Playing things a bit fast and loose as no meal plan at the minute! But breakfast this morning was cereal all round. Used up some left over curry for the lunch, along with some naan out of the freezer. Plan for dinner is fish cakes and chips - all from stores.

    Hoping that’s all of note from today. £7.30 spends.
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    Hurrah for a new diary. Welcome back and well done in reducing your spend in Starb+cks. I find that posting definitely helps me to stay on track. Here's to a good year for you.
    Aiming for a minimal spend 2022
  • Thanks savingwannabe! So bad at posting - already missed out on doing it yesterday. Oh well, the only way is up!!

    Today I got treated to breakfast and lunch out which was lovely. Dinner was just a few bits scrapped together from the cupboard - nothing exciting but I do love using things up.

    Money wise I returned a light shade as I had managed to get a better one that was £10 cheaper so £15 credit note towards something else. Spends were £25.09 on petrol and £37.53 on food shopping (think this is quite good given I was bombing round the aisles without a list - only 1 yellow sticker treat and only 1 item forgotten lol). So quite a spendy day but on necessities.
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    Well done for using things up. I wish I did. I do waste some food. It's great that you got a credit note. Have a good weekend.
    Aiming for a minimal spend 2022
  • Oh I have major guilt when there is food wasted savingwannabe so I try to plan our meals around what fresh stuff we have in that needs used up. Helps keep the food spends down too.

    Didn’t post again yesterday. Not much to report though.

    Today I had to hit the shops for a bit of Xmas shopping. Only spent about £25 and might return a couple of things. Back out shopping tomorrow but hoping that will finish my spends for Christmas!

    Meals today were all from stores. Nothing exciting but full tummies and keeping food costs down. Only spend was on a nice loaf of crusty bread which will do us a for another few days at least.

    Need to remember to pay my road tax.
  • Right - that is the last time I am going in to town before Christmas! Absolutely mobbed! And even worse, just totted up what I spent. £95! Good grief. And I didn’t even go buck mad. Just got a few presents, a couple of bits of clothes and a lipstick. It was even slightly offset by me returning £5 worth of stuff I bought yesterday, getting £5 back that I was previously overcharged and taking a pack lunch for us all. But with parking and a top up food shop there you go. Practically 100 quid away just like that.

    Roll on a frugal new year!!
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