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Question about beds ...

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Howdy !
I'm going through a major declutter , and last week a friend of mine suggested getting an ottoman bed . I have a kingsize bed and was thinking the logical thing would be to downsize to a double .
Living on my own etc.
My current bed is metal ,and has room to store things underneath which I have been doing .
So after a look around , I went into one of the well known places and had a chat with one of the sales assistants . Nice guy . No probs there

Now here's the thing that got me thinking ...
I was shown a few beds but what the chap did mention is that with ottomans you don't get the ventilation of the normal beds .
This pricked my ears up, as my bedroom is wooden floors Victorian flat and is a condensation risk . I have a dehumidifier .

I was going to buy a bed that's not an ottoman and almost pulled the trigger . He said that I could get large containers for underneath the bed and that there is breathing space .

I'm thinking now , should I just keep the kingsize I have and get a few of those drawer type containers instead .?
When I moved , I bought a new mattress 2 years ago .

Is there really that much more difference room wise between a single and double ?

Trying to get organised can be a pain :o

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