MF - now the 2 year journey to financial freedom 😁

I'm starting this new thread a bit earlier than planned :D
My old diary is here:
(Hoping that link works - not great with technology! :rotfl:)
Now that I have achieved the majority of the goals I set last winter solstice, it's time to look to the future! This diary is to document my progress towards my new goals over the next 2 years- just over 24 months- winter solstice 2021 is my new target date for financial freedom post mf :D

So, what do I need to achieve?
One of our main goals post mortgage was to start completing our bucket list. As the majority of the things on the list involve seeing natural phenomenon, 2 holidays a year are how we are going to achieve it :D That's our real reward for becoming mf!! :j we're having a family holiday in the UK in the early part of the year and a bucket list holiday in the summer for dh and I.

Two is to pay off two of our remaining interest free debts. Although we are now mf, we have a number of very old debts which we pay a small monthly amount to, a cc debt which is interest free (just put an expense onto this new 0% on purchases card) and a loan owed to a family member who doesn't want it back but I'm paying it regardless. I intend to pay off the cc by the end of January 2020 and the family debt by the end of 2020.

Three is getting our garden done. I originally planned to do this early this year but have decided to postpone it to Winter 2020 instead. I will be saving money towards it throughout the year.

Four is having a new car fund - it's unlikely that one of our cars will pass it's mot in April so we need to have money to replace it (we've had it about 10 years and its done over 200k!!)

2 holidays - both from bucket list, one uk and one overseas

Pay off the remaining interest free debts

Have kitchen and utility renovated

That's my two year plan :j I've fully costed it and worked out budgets (next post will be saved for figures) we need to make budget savings to achieve what I want to do but it wouldn't be much of a challenge if not! ;)

So, that's where I'm at now - hopefully I can live a frugal lifestyle to help me on my way and cut down the amount of time it will take to achieve all this! Once it's done, I'll have no further big jobs to do on the house, no debt, no financial commitments other than day to day living expenses and will be already living a life which expands my horizons and experience of the world :D

That to me will be the day that I genuinely feel financial freedom and the faster I can get there, the better I will feel :D


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    So, financial targets are:
    Holidays - £10500
    Garden- £10000
    Car - £4000
    Debt - £13000

    Personal targets are:
    Sort myself out physically - start doing yoga, drinking more water, eating more regularly, cutting down on sugar, cutting down on alcohol, cutting out smoking, take more care of physical health, take more care of appearance (join Frump to Fab for 2020), get more sleep,
    Sort myself out mentally - have less time on electronic devices; have routines for daily tasks; makes 'to do' lists on a monthly, weekly and daily basis; spend more time listening to music, go for a walk at least twice a week
    Live a frugal lifestyle - grow as much of my own stuff as possible with current constraints (definitely tomatoes, squash, garlic, courgettes; broad beans); use up everything I currently have in stock however random the meals may be as a result ;); make as much of my stuff from scratch as possible - all jams, marmalades, cordials, pastas, flavoured balsamics, ketchup, barbeque sauce, baked beans, redcurrant jelly, cranberry sauce, mint sauce; dehydrate all fruit and veg which is not going to be used in time and use for stocks, snacks, puddings, soups, casseroles etc; utilize my washing line as much as possible; don't throw any food away; make my own cleaners once I have used my current stocks; collect as much free fuel as possible and utilise my fire more often - leaving doors open to heat other rooms in the house; collect as much free food as possible from foraging locally; making and sticking to shopping lists and making sure that every purchase waits a minimum of 24hours before its made

    All this still has to be achieved in my usual ethical way - I'm going to break my goals into monthly targets and make sure that I stick to them this time around! :o in all honestly, the financial targets and the frugal living targets may be challenging, but I find them relatively easy as it's achieving stuff for everyone - the personal and mental targets are much more difficult to manage as they are focused more on me - however, it's as good a time as any to get myself on the list of stuff to do and achieve it for once! :rotfl:
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    Good luck squirrel girl!

    I wasn't expecting this thread for a few weeks.

    I will follow with interest as I am also striving for financial freedom, but I think 2 years might be a little ambitious for me! I'm thinking 5 years. I'll be 49 then so that sounds achieveable for now.

    Look forward to following your journey

    Bexster :)
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    Thanks bexs :D to be honest, nor was I but I want to keep the momentum going so no time like the present! :rotfl:

    I've had a good day today - got lots of things off my 'to do' list so feeling pretty good :D

    Money - I've had an NSD :D There's plenty of food cooked ready for tonight and enough for tomorrow's lunch too!
    Work - I've got about an hours worth of work to finish off. I'm going to do it this evening - a bit shortly then finish it off following my shower
    Self - I'm going to take my supplements shortly along with some fresh juice then I'm having an exfoliating shower in about an hour. Early night as I have a long day tomorrow ;) So an hour of relaxation before I nod off.
    Home & Garden- cleaned everywhere- only the daily stuff but the proper routine starts on Monday so I'm okay with that for now ;)

    New life is off to a good start! :T it's mainly just getting into the routines - the money saving and goal achieving only happen when you pay attention to the day to day stuff ;)

    The targets I have set are not going to be fulfilled by my budgets - this means that I have to make savings across the board to achieve my goals....I'm okay with that- I need this to be a challenge so that I don't slip into complacency :o

    I know that as the targets are wants, not needs, it may be harder to stick to the plan - hopefully this diary will help too ;)
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    Sounds like a great day.

    I couldn't agree more re: it's the day to day things.

    This week, OH and I went to the cinema. I got us 2 for 1 tickets and bought us popcorn for £1 that I took with us. OH at the till decided he needed 2 sharer bags of sweets at the cinema! So spent about £6 on them! :(

    Luckily we don't live together. Needless to say, he still has a mortgage....

    Bexster :)
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    Happy shiny new diary :)
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  • Thanks beanie! :D

    Bex, that's the sort of thing my dh would do!! :doh:

    So, today-
    Money- another NSD today! :D We still have leftovers so I won't be cooking tonight - we've got wine and alcohol for the weekend so hopefully we won't need to go out anywhere- no going out means nsds! ;)
    Work - got a few bits cleared - still lots to do so will plough on with it on Monday
    Self - wore perfume today ;) the frump to fab ladies are right - it does make you feel better! No kids around this weekend so I'm going to do a face mask and hair mask plus have a very relaxing weekend :j
    Home and Garden- nothing done today other than a quick swish and swipe around the bathroom :o I'm not bothered - it's Friday and I need the break!

    We've got no plans as such for the weekend- I want to get the grout cleaned and the tiles sealed in the hallway but that's not a big or long job - takes soaking in/drying time but the actual job itself is pretty quick. I'll be getting some figures done too- I want to properly set my budgets for next year and want to have targets set based on actual spends, not guesstimates !!

    Hope you have a fab one! :D
  • Woohoo!!! :j we've booked our holiday :j:T
    We made the decision and just got on it - knowing exactly what we wanted made it a simple process :D:dance: I'm booking our other one next weekend and then I'm finding a new instant access account that I will put the budget savings into - it was going to the garden 'pot' but looking at when they want the balances, I may as well pay those first, then the garden ;)
    Ultimately it makes absolutely no difference, I know what I need to save - what it is allocated to or when isn't really relevant- apart from in my head :rotfl:
    I've spoken to dh and shared plans - he's happy to go with the flow and trusts my judgement; he's also extremely keen to get the garden sorted, get a car fund and pay off the debt - kitchen etc, not so bothered about but on board still ;) so it's going to be a reasonably easy transition into a 'saving for' from 'paying for' mentality. The renovations were a combo of cash and credit card - the cc only ever carrying a balance for 2 months max- so we saved quite a bit for those before it all started :D We both want to do this as soon as we can - the more we can save, the quicker we're completely financially free!!:j
    NSD today - still using stuff in the house food wise and no need for anything else this weekend- other than that, nothing to report - roaring fire, sparkling wine, opera on the tv-holiday booked - life is good!!! :D
  • Welcome to December!! :D

    Money - I've worked out our household budget for next year - that was scary!!!:eek: I'm doing a proper spending diary for next year and having an expenditure spreadsheet - I tried to look at one of my accounts but couldn't access the statements so much of it has been a guesstimate. I'm pretty confident that the figures aren't too far off but I'd like to have an accurate account for next year ;)

    Self - mental health day - I've decided that doing nothing today will do me the world of good so I'm having another day in front of the open fire :T I'll have a mooch for food for today - I'm thinking I may do a soup and hm bread - I have potatoes and leeks so that will make dh happy!!

    Home and garden - I may sort the grout in the hallway and seal the tiles today - it really depends on how I feel later ;)

    Life is good - I keep looking at our holiday booking and feeling very warm and fuzzy!! :rotfl: it's so far away but I know that it won't take long to get's just been so long since we have had a holiday I can't wait!! :D
  • That was a lovely weekend :D I've thoroughly enjoyed being bone-idle idle and feel ready for the week ahead!
    Plans today are cleaning the house, clean me then get on with work - I've got a lot to do and I'm going to have to work late I think :o oh well, soon be the holidays ;)
    Money - I've got my grandbaby later so will need to get some food in for him - I'll try to get dh to get some fruit from the veg stall we use and I'll raid the cupboards for his dinner - probably a pasta dish :D
    Self - first day of my three alcohol free days today - I've got family coming towards the end of the week so decided that having a few days off will do me good. I'll have my supplements soon and juice.
    Home and garden - got to clean! I really did nothing at all this weekend so everything needs going over:o it shouldn't take more than an hour though

    It's going to be a busy week so I'll have to make sure that I do a menu plan and keep on top of the house - tired just thinking about it!! :rotfl:
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    It's been a hectic 10 days!!! :eek:
    Had visitors at the weekend which was absolutely lovely but slightly more expensive than planned :o not that I care - worth every penny and love having the opportunity to spoil them ;)
    This week has been focused on work - I've got soooo much to get done by next week I'm pretty much on it 13hrs a day at the moment- however, holidays start from the middle of next week so I'm very much looking forward to that! :D

    Budgets for this month are shot thanks to my weekend blowout plus a few other bits but I'm okay with that too - I'll balance the money after solstice ;)

    Self - yep, after solstice - I just haven't had the time to get organised and old habits are easy to stick with :rotfl:

    Home and Garden - the strong winds earlier in the week blew out two of my greenhouse panes :wall: not a lot I can do about that other than replace them in a couple of weeks- we won't have time to do it before then and it gives us the opportunity to clear the greenhouse out (then we just have one run for glass if we break more during that process! ;):rotfl:)

    Anyhoo, stuff to do - [STRIKE]this will be my last post now till solstice[/STRIKE]- hope everyone keeps warm and well! :D

    ETA - forgot that I have made food plans that I haven't shared - see next post!!:rotfl:
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