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Money Moral Dilemma: Should we claim £300 for a train delay when we still enjoyed the journey?

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    Agentfox wrote: »
    What happened to you during the 90 minute delay?
    It was a sleeper, so maybe the OP just had a lie-in.

    I'm not sure if you are expected to be up and ready to disembark on arrival or whether there is a grace period. So if you woke up at 0600 ready to arrive at 0630 and then found it would be another 90 minutes - could you go back to sleep? Also depends if the delayed arrival had a knock-on effect or whether arriving at 0800 instead of 0630 was indifferent (or possibly more convenient).

    I tend to agree with those who say claim - to make the point - and then donate to charity if you don't feel happy about profiting from it.
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    Another voice raised in the "claim & donate" camp. It may have not been any hassle, but it shouldn't have happened. Shrewd charitable giving will push taxpayers money yet further with gift aid, allowing you to route £400 to good causes of your choice.
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    You should claim and do not at all feel upset about claiming.

    If you travel by train, any train, and it is delayed and breaches any delay repay compensation type conditions you MUST put in a claim.
    Even if the 'service' was deemed to be satisfactory as you claim in this example.
    You were lucky with your Caledonian Express. Your service ran all the way and with not much delay.
    It would appear the service is now settling down to what it should be but there have been many 'bad' instances with this service over the last few years during the course of the new fanchise and bringing in new trains and service. There have been times when it has not run. When it has broken down near Crewe and you get a bus and more.
    And it is not just this train operator. There are other train operators giving bad service for a whole multitude of reasons.
    So by claiming you can exert some financial pressure to get things sorted. Money talks.

    Note - that there are some train operators who are giving good satisfactory service but far too many bad instances.
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    Business or Pleasure trip?
    If Business then claim but the person/company paying will want the refund.

    If Pleasure did you miss any appointments (e.g. Car Hire, Booked Taxie)?

    If no missed appointment and you enjoyed the delay for what ever reason, then don't claim. If you missed any reserved appointment then claim and include the additional costs.
  • Claim away. It is your entitlement.

    However I would suggest that when there is no profit to be made the service will cease to run. Assume there are 10 rooms per coach and say 6 coaches. 10 x 300 x 6 that would be £18000 at full capacity and all the passengers claim. That loss will be factored in to the next fare price rise in order to maintain a profit margin. All future passengers will pay for your delay.

    Many delays occur for many a reason. Some are infrastructure, some are rolling stock, some are train crew. Others are uncontrollable, maybe a truck hit a road bridge. Perhaps a passenger was taken ill. Maybe someone was hit by the train. There could have been livestock on the line or fallen tree, flood or adjacent building on fire. The list goes on.

    Had you travelled by car you would have no chance of claiming back money for sitting in roadworks, or waiting for the motorway to reopen following an accident. I see many a vehicle on the hard shoulder, do those poor people recover their lost time? The repair bill is again paid up somewhere, somehow. The AA, the garage, the hire car company. I think I should have my fuel money compensated for any road delay.

    Compensation culture is here, I see it reflected in my car insurance bill every year.
    Someone else picks up the fraudulent whiplash bill, the genuine whiplash injury claimant is now almost ridiculed.

    Take a flight next time, it will be quicker:)
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    We are living in a 'blame and claim' culture these days. It would be much better if we all just claimed when real damage/inconvenience etc had been caused. If you were happy with your trip I think you should just leave it.
  • I would claim it - you are entitled to it.
    But you raise a good point. The 'one hour' fixed threshold is a stupid one (although I understand that at least some of the rail companies have now amended this to include new thresholds). For a ten-minute journey, even being delayed 1/2 hour is unacceptable and should get a full refund. But a 12-hour one - as you say, 1 hour on that isn't too bad. But if you were attending a meeting and had scheduled that based upon arriving at the booked journey arrival time, you'd be pretty miffed. I suppose you'd ensure you gave yourself plenty of time for your meeting in case you were delayed over such a long journey.
    I regularly make quite long journeys for work, and have claimed refunds on a number of occasions (although the company pays for the tickets, I don't claim overtime if I claim the refund - fair's fair! - it's my time that is wasted, not the companies).
    Suggest you book another journey with the refund and enjoy it on the Rail companies.
  • FYI You don't get a refund if the train delay was caused by someone being hit by a train - I've been refused a refund on that basis :-( Whilst I'm obviously very sorry for that person, the train was still 2 hours late, and I lost out time visiting family.
  • 100% claim it back. They said they would provide a service in a set time and didn't. I say this because I once lost a set of train tickets and only found out at short notice. Was advised to tell the guard once the train pulled in. He took all the details which seat and where to, we knew the seats because of an email confirmation on my phone. He said the the best thing to do would be to get a set of replacements from the ticket office but I had no time left. Got on the train any way. He used the details previously taken to find us so he could charge us for a second set of tickets. East coast issued a refund on the cheap advanced tickets I had lost base on the email confirmation but this wasn't good enough to travel on. 100% CLAIM. And who bailed out that franchise when it got its sums wrong thats correct the taxpayer.
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    As others have said, claim the money then donate the amount you feel comfortable with to a charity. Plenty of appeals going on at this time of year for you to find one that is close to your heart.
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