Trees that grow under the fence

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I recently had my next door neighbour ask us to sort out a tree on our side of the fence because it was growing against the fence and making it bow. We got it removed, but when they cut it down to ground level and started grinding the stump, about 90% of the stump was on the neighbour's side (but I think below ground level).

Not sure who is liable here if anyone?

On a similar note, they have a lot of bamboo plants near where this tree was and bamboo is starting to sprout on our side of the fence in the lawn, up to a foot or two away from the fence - it is quite unsightly and difficult to deal with - seems to grow at some pace!
Not sure if how to deal with this.
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    Bamboo, if it is "only" in your lawn then normal mowing as you cut the grass will prevent it going mad

    However it sounds like it the creeping type and if it gets hold in your borders you will wish the tree was back:D
    As quid pro quo perhaps you can ask the neighbour to sort their bamboo out?
    It would need either complete destruction or deep root proof barrier between them & you

    The tree stump, if underground could be just left to rot in peace
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