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What gift to buy for a family using the food bank?

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  • kboss2010kboss2010 Forumite
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    Stuff to keep warm indoors - slippers, cosy pjs, slipper socks, sofa blankets, candles etc.

    And I’d also include some sweets/chocolate - kids eating out of food banks don’t often get sweets.
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    eastcott5 wrote: »

    Glad we have a food-bank chat at last. I donate regularly via my local supermarket but I know people who think the users are all scroungers. My neighbour is involved in distribution and they always put a list up locally of shortage items, including things like toothpaste.. I don't know how your plan would work - prewrap with a label or contact the local centre directly. I like the idea of an Xmas 'food' bank - nice biscuits, crackers, small games, UNO. My daughter in law lives in Sussex and they are asked to send money directly to the local trust who get items from the cash and carry in bulk! Not the same.
    We had a customer steal stuff from the local food bank box as it was 'free' food. He had already done his shopping !

    Most of the supermarkets near us have big trollies for donating to food banks. Sometimes the contributions can be a bit dull But very necessary. I was pleased to see one yesterday that was filled right to the top and there were lots of tins of chocolates, chocolate biscuits, selection boxes and toys. Not everyday items but, as others have, a bit of luxury at Christmas.
  • AlikayAlikay Forumite
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    it's difficult if you don't know the family or the ages of any children, whether there are any disabilities or additional needs involved etc. With so little information, I'd probably opt for a box of nice biscuits and maybe some felt tips, colouring pencils, stickers and play-doh for any children.

    I'm putting some packs of batteries in with my Christmas food-bank donation as so many toys use them.
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