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What gift to buy for a family using the food bank?

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  • JennyJukesJennyJukes Forumite
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    I agree that it might be a bit difficult for the foodbank to get involved because they might not want to gift to one specific family and it could cause upset amongst others who find out one family got and they didn't. If you want to donate specifically to that family I would ask the foodbank themselves their thoughts. There are quite a lot of charities and churches where you can make up one of those shoebox full of gifts for all different ages?
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  • I think that is a lovely idea! I give to our local food bank and whilst i might buy a fivers’ worth of food from Aldi, i do like to put an a ‘treat’ item. Last time I gave six pairs of brand new gloves (label still on) that i bought when a store nearby was closing and some new socks. My local food bank has a treats table where they ask a recipient to choose a treat, which I think is really nice as sometimes a little treat can be a big boost.

    Ask the food bank - they probably will be doing some sort of Christmas thing anyway and if you’re like me, would prefer to spend money on something relevant.

    Well done for doing such a lovely thing and I hope that you have prompted some of us to do the same thing.
  • Golightly72Golightly72 Forumite
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    My local Salvation Army runs a Christmas present appeal, and these are run across the country, it might be worth looking at donating to this for Christmas gifts?

    It is for children of all ages, but I would think you could ask if you could donate to adults too? They usually work directly with families in hardship, so might be able to tell you if they have some families that you could buy for.
  • horsechestnuthorsechestnut Forumite
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    I don't know where you live, but our local Radio Stations both run a Christmas appeal for gifts. These can be dropped off either at the local radio stations or at several named shops.
    Also Tesco not only collect for the Food-bank all year, they also make specific requests nearer Christmas for festive foodstuffs, and have a separate trolley for actual gifts which can either be of your choosing or they also have a tree with gift-tags on it stating the sex and age of the child if you need inspiration. I always buy a pair of character pyjamas for a boy. It is a gift for the child that will last at least until he outgrows them, but also helps the parent in providing clothing and keeps the child warm!
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    If you go for vouchers, e.g. for the cinema, make sure it will cover a family. Because vouchers for half the cost of such a visit may be no use at all, on a foodbank tight budget.
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    You're not going to be able to get them something they actually want if you don't know them, so maybe focus on getting them something which they will use and will free up some cash so they can treat themselves? On that basis, toiletries - nice shower gel, toothpaste and brushes, shampoo and conditioner (particularly if suitable for all hair types, not just caucasian), razor blades, body lotion.
  • A great gift is a packet of 10 x 10 coloured dice - available on Amazon for £11.99.

    You can play Yahtzee (buy replacement pads) Tenzi (many different game options) or even the old fashioned game of beetle.

    With Yahtzee you don't need that many dice or different colours but with Tenzee you do. You need 10 dice each. I played Tenzi with my 3 yr old grandson - we took turns to roll our dice so it was slower but lots of fun. With my 6 & 8 yr old grandsons it was a race to win.

    Perhaps buy puzzles from a local charity shop. They always have plenty for all age levels.

    Hope this helps.:j
  • Hi,

    Glad we have a food-bank chat at last. I donate regularly via my local supermarket but I know people who think the users are all scroungers. My neighbour is involved in distribution and they always put a list up locally of shortage items, including things like toothpaste.. I don't know how your plan would work - prewrap with a label or contact the local centre directly. I like the idea of an Xmas 'food' bank - nice biscuits, crackers, small games, UNO. My daughter in law lives in Sussex and they are asked to send money directly to the local trust who get items from the cash and carry in bulk! Not the same.
    We had a customer steal stuff from the local food bank box as it was 'free' food. He had already done his shopping !
  • f0xh0lesf0xh0les Forumite
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    How about a £15 gift card. for a supermarket, or a generic love shopping type thing, or for a cinema. The foodbank is going to make sure they are fed, but if they could choose something for themselves, or maybe free up a little bit of cash to buy a bit more gas/electric and not worry about the lights going out. Key/card meters are a scourge on the poor and renters.
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  • a few of the older kids at my daughters school help out at our local foodbank and says toiletry sets are always well recieved

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