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Being Made redundant & new job offer at the same time!

I went for a interview a month ago and heard back on Monday that I have been offered the job and I accepted. When I went for the interview I told my employer that I had to give 1 months notice if a job offer was made. So the day after this offer my current employer called me in and told me I am being made redundant & that I am being placed on garden leave until Friday and if I take the settlement I am leaving today. 4 days later! So what would you tell your new employer is the big question? Do I still leave my notice period as 1 month or tell them the situation. As I am worried that when they get my P45 they will see my leaving date was this week. Or do I tell them I can start next week because my circumstances have changed. I really don't want to tell them I have been made redundant.
Please help I am in a dilemma and I am meeting with the new employer next Monday to finalise paper work and now don't know what to tell them.


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    The issue is they could find out.

    Have references been taken yet.
    Does the job offer have any conditions like references?

    If you have one months notice then the current employer needs to pay this.

    If you get a settlement agreement then you can ask that the reasons remain confidential

    Make sure it is clear if the notice period will be PILON or garden leave and what the date of termination will be.

    Once you have that date confirmed you can tell new employer you have negotiated an early departure and give them the option for you to start early.

    Personally I would wait till the meeting Monday.

    It will be a bit tight to get the necessary legal advice on the settlement agreement unless you have got a solicitor on that already.
  • I am taking legal advice but still awaiting a solicitor to get in touch and run through the settlement agreement before it is legally binding. I have been given my leaving in my settlement letter as today's date and I also get pay in lieu of notice and compensation pay on too. I officially leave today on paper. Which will show on my P45 with my new employer. I am sure I will have to provide references on Monday when I fill out the paper work. Should I just leave my start date with the new employer and Month from today?
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    I’m not sure why you’ve taken legal advice as this sounds like the dream situation. New job already lined up, redundancy payment and a short break.

    You’ve agreed a start date with your new company so you don’t need to tell them anything else. It often takes a bit of time to get a new employee set up anyway e.g. new pc, desk arranged, booked into induction day so frankly turning up earlier may not be suitable anyway!
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    I don’t understand why you don’t want to tell your new employer that you have been made redundant :huh: It’s not as if you’ve been sacked for gross misconduct...
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  • I was advised by my old employer to take up a solicitor to read through the agreement before I agree. I have not agreed a start day with my current employer as I only accept the job offer the day before by my settlement meeting. I told them that I would give them a clear start date this coming Monday when I meet with them to go through paper work. So shall I just tell them that I left my old company on Friday as I was put on garden leave until then and that was my last official day on. When I went for the interview a month ago I told them that I had to give 1 month notice from the date they offered me a job but things changed between now and then.
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    I was advised by my old employer to take up a solicitor to read through the agreement before I agree.
    The agreement isn't legally binding without the solicitor's advice and signature on the paperwork. You should also check whether your old employer will be paying the solicitor's fees.
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