Barclays Stalling for Time?

Hi all,

Been following the advice on here but have hit a wall with Barclays Legacy Egg PPI complaint which they are still dragging on since 2015 and have used every trick in the book to delay :(

I have a complaint reference number and have been calling weekly for updates and seem to be going round in circles.

Keep hitting the “we have so many complaints in we cannot give you an estimated time to look at your case” .

Then received this generic text this morning and I could have easily lost it.

Due to unprecedented volumes of complaints in the lead up to the PPI Deadline, it is taking us longer than usual to resolve your PPI complaint. This may take us a number of months and we will keep in touch to update you on progress. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Kind regards, Barclays

How do I get them to escalate as they continually fob me off.

They have confirmed that PPI was applied to my account but apparently don’t know how much (Closed Egg Card) and sent me the statement from 2001-2012 to go through myself and prove to them how much I paid ! (Have all the letters they send and my replies as proof)

Really need help on this as loosing the will to fight!



  • They're not stalling for time. If they're stalling, it means they want to increase the amount of any redress you'll get.

    It's very kind of them (although it's far more likely that they're just swamped with all the last minute complaints as I can't think why they want to pay more than they have to), so best to leave them to it.
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    You can always complain to the fOS if you like but I have no idea how long their queues are
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    i had two last minute Barclays (1 x Woolwich loan and 1x Barclaycard) PPI queries that I submitted a few weeks before the deadline. They were automatically turned into complaints and one was settled at the beginning of October and the other settled today.
    I had thought the Barclaycard one was perhaps going to come to nothing as I kept getting the odd text or letter saying it was delayed, so there is good news out there.
  • Thanks for the advice. Think they just got to me as had ben chasing for so long on the original 2015 enquiry and they went dead stick, then following up before the deadline and having to resubmit because "We cannot find any records of your previous complaint" even though I have the correspondence and had to send it back to them to evaluate. Add in on each weekly chase call I got a different reason why they were unable to look at it yet, then the last call on Monday this week I was promised a call back from a Manager and it did not happen. What really frustrating is I bank with Barclays as well and had great service from my local branch and this part is letting the side down. Ok vent over back to the weekly chase and see what happens. Hopefully they might reply to me before Christmas. :rotfl:
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    Same issue here with MBNA/Virgin. The excuse they use is mine is "a slightly complicated case" and they need more time to assess everything. They have been assessing my complicated case since early 2018. Had nearly thr same thing with Halifax but they settled in 10 weeks.

    I think they know the FOS route is not a likely option due to their potential waiting lists so we are just left in limbo

    Maybe it's time for the FOS to implement some kind of time limit with a penalty for not meeting it otherwise it could take years
  • The penalty is the statutory interest. They know the longer it goes on, the more it costs them so they need to get them cleared.
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