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Exercise bike or cross trainer?

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Sports and Fitness MoneySaving
I'm thinking of buying an exercise bike, but recently read that they're not necessarily the best for a bit of general exercise. I'd thought of a cross trainer, but space is a bit of an issue. I've had a look around on the internet but there's so much out there. Can anyone offer suggestions, please?


  • SocajamSocajam Forumite
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    We bought an exercise bike and then an elliptical
    I much prefer the elliptical to the bike. But if space is in issue, you might have to go with the bike.
  • andygbandygb Forumite
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    I love cross trainers, simply because they provide a better all round workout, however, they can be quite bulky, particularly the better ones.
  • if you have the space, I would go for the cross trainer - reason being, it will work out more areas of your body, depending on your stance, grip and resistance applied. you will work your legs, arms, back, chest and stomach/abs, whereas on a bike you tend to only use your legs.
    think of the movement - you are seated on a bike, on the cross trainer you are standing and doing a full body workout, and can easily reduce or increase the speed, resistance and time depending on your own fitness.

    I have seen Nordic Track ones that seem "slimmer" and shorter than the techno-gym versions, so should take up less space
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  • Nic246Nic246 Forumite
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    I would go for the cross trainer if you have enough room, as I feel like they provide a better workout for your body as you're using arms and legs.
    However, if you don't have the space then a bike is also good!
  • Definitely prefer a cross trainer, always seem to be putting in more graft when im using a cross trainer instead of a bike. All personal preference i believe though. Depends on the main goal as to why you want want either really?
  • gaz_moosegaz_moose Forumite
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    what about a rowing machine?
  • ididntgetwhereiamtodayididntgetwhereiamtoday Forumite
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    gaz_moose wrote: »
    what about a rowing machine?

    Andrew Mar had a stroke using one. Puts me right off!
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    Definitely prefer bike :T
    It engages with every muscle

    Does it? How does it engage with Lats, biceps, deltoids or traps?
  • wongataawongataa Forumite
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    flanker6 wrote: »
    Does it? How does it engage with Lats, biceps, deltoids or traps?
    By using it with your hands on the pedals instead of the feet?
  • cymruchriscymruchris Forumite
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    If you're thinking about ordering online - whatever you choose - make sure you ask about delivery times. I've just ordered a piece of equipment - and some suppliers are now quoting up to 21 days for delivery (previously 5 days delivery) - there's a bit of panic buying going on with all the gym people who are now deciding to 'gym from home'.
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