New Joiner here, is this website's info enough?

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Hi all,

Joined the the forums after browsing the main site and I am amazed at all of the valuable information here.

However, there are also a lot of other comparison/financial guide websites as well but if I start obsessing over comparing multiple stuff at multiple places I quickly get too consumed and don't really live and enjoy the money I am saving, haha.

Would you say this site is best and would contain info on pretty much anything needed ?

That brings me to one of the things that confuse me most: What is the difference, in terms of value to the reader, between MSE and its parent organisation, MoneySupermarket ?

Thanks all, have a nice weekend.


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    No site contains all the information you need. Use the right site for your needs and often more than one.

    MSE is a general financial advice site, whereas Moneysupermarket is a product comparison site.
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