Eating disorder and ASD

Hi my review is coming up I always got six points for promoting to eat and make food

I been told my eating disorder is autistic traits and it in letter

As I can only eat about 8 foods and my mind does not tell me to eat some days I won't eat for 2/3 days then binge on my 8 foods and I'm sick. And I don't drink much and the physcrust said it related to my ASD.

Would I still get the six points as before I have but I been wait years just to get it diganoaed.

She also said due to turma as a teenager he struggles socialy and finds it very hard to communicate to other people especially his own age group and isolates himself to fill safe and only see family. And my dad manges my money as I often miss bills. Neurodevolpment disorder effects his social and congetive issues

Do I need to resend all the old reports which are similar as this is the new one as I'm now on longer term care but the conditions I have life long. Or do I just say what I said and they have old letters and just put this one in.


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