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Been here before many times



  • jwil
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    Glad it's going well and congratulations on the engagement :blush:
    "If you can dream it, you can do it". Walt Disney
  • Drawingaline
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    Congratulations 🎊 
    Debt free Feb 2021 🎉
  • jbkmum
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    I've not updated for a while due to well...the world happening! I barely have the time due to homeschooling and also working full time from home. Alongside that DH lives with us now and things are rather stressful from that side of things (key worker, needs his own space, does not have own space now living with us).

    So first things first. Debt:
    04/03/2020: £40,601.62
    16/05/2020: £39,424.38

    Still an absolute mountain to climb but getting there. Paid the last £220 left from the car lease that went back in February today. They've never chased me for any damages (not that I feel there were) and I didn't get a bill for excess mileage. Maybe all those emails where I was stressing about not being able to afford it they just decided not to? I have no idea! But I don't think they could chase me now!
    I still have £553.01 of my Monzo overdraft to repay, I closed it when I found out my new interest rate was going to be 39.9%, they haven't defaulted me but its under payment arrangement or something. I'm not happy about that but I wouldn't have been able to repay it with interest so thats the concession there I guess!
    I still have a Halifax Credit card that I can't use but is incurring interest and isn't defaulted. Currently taking advantage of covid payment holiday, usually I pay £50 a month with £30 interest added on. It's horrible! However I'm just going to take that hit because I need the money to pay for one of my dog's neutering. 
    My partner moved in February, has now started paying rent as his house has been let out. He hates it. He's really struggling with the fact that he can't just go home and be on his own during coronavirus and I have big worries for our future some days. Not because we don't love each other but because he's going out every day and being exposed to covid, whilst working shifts that he hates. The NHS have totally changed community services to cover 8am to 8pm and it's upset his routine and he really needs his routine to stay sane. So I worry for him because when he withdraws he starts to think he needs to be on his own. So I've got to find a way to let him do what he wants without putting pressure on him. But we've had a good few days, bar one melodramtic day in between when he told me he didn't think he wanted to get married. I've given him the ring back and he just needs to make his mind up. I didn't want to continue wearing it and him see it and be stressed. So its in the box in his drawer.

    Now I've got income from to contribute I can relax a little, although it will all change when DS goes back to school and I have childcare to pay!!!
    £5000 left to pay on credit cards, down from 40k!!
  • remote_control
    How's it all going?
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