'A note of comfort for anyone getting older' blog discussion

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  • Stephen_Leak
    Therefore growing old is compulsory, but growing up isn't. QED.
    The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in my life. :)
  • twink
    twink Posts: 3,827 Forumite
    i like your reasoning Martin, i was 59 today but seemingly 60 is the new 25 :D
  • robnye
    robnye Posts: 5,411 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    you are only as old as you feel........ damn the wife is older than me...... :rotfl
    smile --- it makes people wonder what you are up to.... ;) :cool:
  • gidon
    gidon Posts: 25 Forumite
    so does that mean they will ever catch up with you? or has it gone past that stage?!
  • Frugaldom
    Frugaldom Posts: 6,941 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Post Photogenic First Anniversary
    If you delay a mid-life crisis until the age of 50, does that mean you live to be 100?
    I reserve the right not to spend.
    The less I spend, the more I can afford.

    Frugal living challenge - living on £4000 in 2024
  • autismmum
    autismmum Posts: 444 Forumite
    look if like me you wasted your youth and feel the years at school were not woth it, simply deduct them .... now plus university ... hmmm i'm now 10 !!!! "i wanna pony!!"
    totally debt free:j and mortgage free too 2010
  • charlieheard
    I remember an old B&W film (?Abbott & Costello) where they talked about people getting older:
    • 2 people are aged 5 and 35 (7 x as old)
    • 5 years later, they are 10 & 40 (4 x as old)
    • 5 years later, they are 15 & 45 (3 x as old)
    • 15 years later they are 30 & 60 (twice as old)
    The comment was something like "Will they wait when they catch up?"

    "You may have speed, but I have momentum"
  • reggieq
    reggieq Posts: 24 Forumite
    It's a well known fact that you grow older fastest when you're youngest!
    Just think how much you grow in the very early years of life.
  • moanymoany
    moanymoany Posts: 2,877 Forumite
    twink wrote: »
    i like your reasoning Martin, i was 59 today but seemingly 60 is the new 25 :D

    Hi Twink, I was 59 last October. My cousin, who is three years older than me, tells me that 60 is the new 40. I think that's easier on the hips than the new 25!!!!!!:rotfl:
  • 110frankie
    when I was ill I was told I'd probably not make 60.
    Now I'm cured and 57 I intend to have the mother of all parties in three years time!
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