I am seeking some advice. I have been attempting to build my credit history with a view to applying for a mortgage in 2020.

I have received a letter from Lowell Financial requesting that I set a payment plan up for a Sky debt totaling £116.81. The Sky account number was provided.

The debt is several years old and the account was taken out on behalf of a family member who assured me the payments had been kept up and the account closed properly. It now seems that this was not the case.

I frequently check my credit file and there have been no defaults issued by Sky, nor any accounts with Sky. A bit of background reading showed that Sky do not report to Credit File Agencies. I am able to comfortably pay this debt in full immediately, however, do not want a default to be added to me Credit File.

My questions are:
1. Will Lowell add a 'settled' default to my account upon my full payment, if Sky have not already defaulted?
2. What would be the best way the go about payment? In writing or by simply phoning Lowell to pay?
3. Are there any templates I can use if in writing is the best option?

I am trying to sort this out as soon as possible and tackle it head on with the best possible outcome for my Credit File. I am willing to simply pay the debt to make this go away.

Please help as your input is massively appreciated and will help to relieve a lot of stress!
Thank you all!


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