Car Insurance Fiasco! Help!

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Hi Everyone,
So in the last day I have taken out a new car insurance policy with Hastings Direct as it was a pretty competitive price versus my Admiral policy renewal.

Now, to cut a long story short - I put the wrong information on my new policy... I actually missed (totally innocently) a claim which previously was saved on the comparison site I used, I have literally just forgotten to put this in.

Hastings contacted me today and said they were cancelling my policy due to "Online Activity" - They wouldn't elaborate further on why this had happened and told me to get in touch with the comparison site for clarity (although now I have time to think, I realise that this is probably why).

My policy with Hastings wasn't due to start till 2nd November, so technically the policy hasnt even started and I have now cancelled this policy with Hastings. I have immediately spoke to Admiral who said they have nothing on the system saying that they can't give me a policy, so it should be OK.

My concern is now that in future I will have to declare that I have been turned down for insurance through a stupid although innocent mistake on a policy, which, up until 2nd November isn't actually active anyway. If I had realised sooner I would have contacted them and updated them and to be honest, I thought that they could have just contacted me and asked for clarification on the matter which I would have happily confirmed - I had previously forgotten to do this on a prior policy with Admiral and they were more than happy to update the information.

I know that there is really no-one to blame but myself for this and as I say, I am only speculating to the reason as to why they have cancelled it, but I just wanted to reach out and ask if this has ever happened to anyone before and how they resolved it (or didn't)?

Many thanks in advance for your responses.


  • Just as a quick additional note to this - I have since cancelled the policy before the start date (2nd November) - Hastings Direct were going to cancel it on the 7th November based on the "Online Activity".
    I spoke to the validation team at Hastings and they have said on the phone that I will not have to declare this as a cancelled insurance policy, as I have cancelled it before the start date.
    I'm going to try and get this in writing from them but once again, has anyone heard of this before?
  • What you are expected to declare will depend on the questions you are asked by future insurers. If asked whether you have had a policy cancelled, the answer to this would be no as you cancelled the policy voluntarily before the proposed cancellation date.

    They were probably concerned about inconsistencies with the information provided online and the possibility that you were trying to obtain cheaper insurance by failing to disclose a claim.
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