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Cottage Holiday

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HeatherJAHeatherJA Forumite
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Hi, does anyone have any tips when booking large holiday accommodation? I need a 6-8 bedroomed place around the Cotswolds/Hampshire area next May for 2 nights but the prices are extortionate! Really want it to be under £1000 but just not getting anywhere!
Thanks in advance.


  • ThumbRemoteThumbRemote Forumite
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    Are your dates around the bank holidays or school holiday times? That could put prices up a bit.

    That sized accomodation isn't common, so you are going to pay for it. Could you find two smaller adjacent cottages for less?
  • daveyjpdaveyjp Forumite
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    High price is to be expected. It costs the property owner more to offer it for two nights due to the extra cleaning costs.

    It sounds mad but you may find cheaper prices if you book for a week.
  • Zero_SumZero_Sum Forumite
    1.6K posts
    Some of these cottage sites charge by the week. So going for a couple of days is going to cost the same as week.

    We got stung on this & turned out the owner didnt charge that way. The owner had a bit of a dispute with the booking compamy over the enforced rip off fees. She actually offered us a couple of days 'free' later on to make up for it.. she also managed to get out of the contract with booking company who promised a lot more bookings than they delivered.
  • suejb2suejb2 Forumite
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    You want a house for 16 people for two nights for £1000 that equates to £30 ish per person per night. You maybe better looking at a block booking in a Premier Inn or Travel Lodge.

    You could also take a look at Airbnb’s
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