How to repaying cash advance asap?

I am currently at Paris and run out of cash. I just made a €20 cash advance on my Halifax Clarity credit card about 1 hour ago. I understood Halifax starts charging interest immediately after I made withdrawal. To pay off this €20 cash advance as soon as possible to avoid cash advance interest, I paid in £50 to my halifax account just now (though I still have about £100+ debit from other normal purchase, statement date not due yet, I have direct debit setup).

Could you confirm my £50 payment repay the €20 cash advance I made? (so I will be charged interest for a few hours.)

Many thanks.:beer::beer:


  • No, we can't.

    It depends on what other transactions you have on there, and whether any have statemented. Your payment will fo to statemented transactions first, highest to lowest rate, then unstatemented.

    But for 20 euros, it's really not worth worrying about. It'll be a few pence for the month.
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