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My wife kept receiving calls & texts from Allay PPI claims company a few months ago as she originally requested more details from them. But they kept contacting her, by phone calls to her mobile and texts, even though she decided not to carry on with the claim. So she just ignored all the calls/texts. She also received questionnaire’s to fill out about her ‘claims’ which she ignored.
In the meantime she submitted some claims via resolver which are ongoing.
However, she still receives between 1 & 3 calls every weekday from them even after telling them that she did not wish to make any claims with them and that she did not want to be contacted anymore.
In the end, a couple of days ago, she sent them an email via an address she found on their website telling them to stop this harassment. They replied saying that she had agreed for them to act on her behalf because she replied to a text message (which said reply to find out more info.) previously. They are claiming that this is a contract entitling them to act on her behalf. They say that she can continue with ‘her claim’ or cancel in which case they will send her a bill for the work they have done so far. Surely this is not legal what they are doing, does anyone know ?


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    CMCs are now regulated by the FCA and subject to the same complaints process that they have been using against the banks.

    So, make a complaint to the CMC and when they reject it, refer it to the FOS. The FOS are upholding nearly half of complaints made against CMCs. What you describe is exactly the sort of behaviour that the FOS does not like.
  • Would have thought that a signature would have been necessary for the CMC to approach your lenders. When I briefly used one they sent out forms for me to sign giving them permission and forming a contract. They sound like a bunch of chances so follow advice given and block communication and lodge a complaint if they send a bill.
  • I probably like many others tried with another company to reclaim PPI when I didn’t hear from the first. I put in the initial query to the second company but I didn’t reply to any of their phone calls emails or messages (132). I have just heard from the bank that it was successful. I also heard immediately from the second claim company that I owed them some money as it was successful. Where do I stand with this. I have still not heard anything from the 1st company YET! I know I should have applied myself but really don’t want to pay two companies especially as I did not sign anything with the second company. Advice please as it’s worrying the hell out of me now.
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    You’ll have to check what you’ve signed for the first company as they’re likely to chase you and you’ll end up paying both companies, therefore losing 48% of the gross redress
    helpful tips
    it's spelt d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y
    there - 'in or at that place'
    their - 'owned by them'
    they're - 'they are'
    it's bought not brought (i just bought my chicken a suit from that new shop for £6.34)
  • Thanks for reply. Is this even though I didn’t sign anything for the 2nd company?
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    You'll pay fees to all the companies you signed up with.  As long as it wasn't more than four, you should end up with a couple of quid in your pocket.
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