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Broke toe/s in hotel room...

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Hi all.

So I'll be completely honest about this. I stayed in a Travelodge in London last month. I kept stubbing my toes on the bed (as did my daughter and said she also had the same problem last time she stayed in the exact same hotel). On one of the evenings of my stay, I stubbed it so hard that I broke at least one toe, although I think it could possibly three toes (hospitals don't x-ray for broken toes anymore which is understandable).

I thought nothing of it. Accidents happen. The bed was not faulty in any way. But a few people have said I may be able to do some kind of accident claim so thought I'd ask on here what your opinions are.

I didn't report it to the hotel at the time but did go to the hospital the day after I got home.

I very highly doubt there's any claim as they weren't at fault! But as I say, just thought I'd gather some opinions.



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