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Stepback 2019 Concert Cancelled - No Refunds

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AmyVickAmyVick Forumite
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So earlier this year I bought myself and my sister tickets to the Stepback 90s vs 00s concert, directly from their site, which was to take place in November this year. The show has now been "postponed" and other than saying tickets will be transferred to the new date, I've heard nothing. As per their terms and conditions, tickets can be refunded if this occurs. Yet no one can seem to get hold of the company - they've shut down their Facebook, there is no telephone number and they aren't replying to emails. This doesn't seem to be just happening to me but hundreds of other people.

Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act doesn't apply to me as it wasn't purchased with a credit card and was under £100. I have requested a Chargeback through Nationwide but the purchase was over 180 days ago so am not holding my breath. I have searched and searched for other help but to no avail. Unfortunately it doesn't look like they are members of STAR either.

I had issues with them back when I first purchased these tickets as they took double payment. They took a long time to respond to my request for a refund and then lied saying it had been done, only for me to check my bank statement and notice they hadn't. Luckily I managed to get Nationwide onto them with a Chargeback. This all screams dodgy as hell to me.

A lot of people are also saying that it's the same director who liquidised the 80s concert last year, leaving a lot of people out of money too. How was he allowed to direct the company again?

Sorry for the long post - I just wanted to cover the steps I have already taken and ask if there is anything else that can be done.



  • Hello. I am in exactly the same position as you. I got my tickets direct and NatWest are saying they can’t help me. It’s a joke. Did you manage to get sorted in the end?
  • CH81CH81 Forumite
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    Hi there, I purchased 6 tickets for myself and group of friends. I purchased directly from Sheffield Arena and the money was returned to my account, including booking fees, the day after cancellation was announced ����!♀️ I had not chased it and received no notification that the refund had been made... maybe just keep an eye on your bank.
  • Has there been any update on this? John Lewis are refusing to help out with tickets costing under £100pp despot this being a credit card payment for 4 tickets :money
  • p00hsticksp00hsticks Forumite
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    Kaileyg87 wrote: »
    Has there been any update on this? John Lewis are refusing to help out with tickets costing under £100pp despot this being a credit card payment for 4 tickets :money

    They're right that if the individual tickets cost less than £100 each. Section 75 doesn't apply, but as far as I'm aware - assuming it;s a VISA, Mastercard o Amex branded card - you can still ask them to use the Chargeback process.
  • mjm3346mjm3346 Forumite
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    If you used the site direct your bank is your only chance (same company director has had at least 2 other sites go belly up)
    “Anyone who purchased tickets via our website is advised to contact their bank or credit card provider to obtain refunds.”

    Refunds for bookings through arenas (Ticketmaster) should have been made automatically.

  • dazekellydazekelly Forumite
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    Has anyone had any luck with refunds from their direct site?  as I wasn't informed that they were no longer doing the concert, just that it had been postponed.  How can we get our money back?
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