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Existing medical conditions

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Hi I want to get my travel insurance. Two of us have existing asthma conditions but only mild and one had migraines but not had them for a year or so. I also have one who has had breast surgery - a stretcher was put in ready for an implant but had to have it taken out two weeks later due to a problem. She now has a scar which hasn't quite sealed although the surgeon is quite happy and has put her back on the waiting list. So one of the questions is are you on a waiting list for treatment. Is this classed as medical or because it is cosmetic do I need to mention it.

Help please


  • skint_chickskint_chick
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    It needs to be mentioned because it's part of a course of treatment that has already commenced - if it was just that it was breast implants for cosmetic reasons and you'd got a date for surgery after the holiday then you wouldn't need to mention that. But as the process has already started albeit is on hold then it needs to be mentioned. There are plenty of companies who don't charge extra for conditions such as asthma and migraines that haven't required hospital treatment or ongoing specialist followups. It may not have an impact on the premium, but will ensure everyone is covered correctly.
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  • badger09badger09
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    Agree, you must mention any & all pre existing conditions or you risk your policy being invalid.

    Most companies use a medical screening questionnaire. You could try completing one without mentioning any issues and then do it again, but mentioning them all. You'll probably be pleasantly surprised as many conditions do not attract any additional premium.
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