I'm dealing with long-term severe mental health problems.
I'm on ESA in the Support Group and get the Enhanced Disability Premium. I live alone.

I live in private rented accommodation and have been on Housing Benefit which partially covers my rent (the rest of the rent I have to take from my ESA payments.)
I now have to move because my landlord is selling the flat.

Moving to a new borough. I just contacted the new borough/council I am moving to and they said they no longer pay LHA and that I will have to apply for UC.
How will this affect my ESA?

Will it trigger a brand new medical assessment?

I looked at the online form for Universal Credit and it asked loads of health related questions, as if it was a new ESA claim.

My support worker had assured me that since I am on ESA I would have no issues claiming my rent in my new home. That is clearly NOT the case. I'm feeling suicidal now as I cannot cope with any more setbacks at present.

What do I do?


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