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Surya hotels - how to complain

Sunrise27Sunrise27 Forumite
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MoneySaving Newbie
To cut a long story short we stayed at one of these hotels on August 24th we had a few issues so when we got home I dropped the hotel a quick email pointing out the positive points along with the few niggles we had. The main one being there was no hot water in the morning for a shower. We rang down to reception to tell them who informed us that there was a problem with the boiler and to wait ten minutes and try again which we did and managed to have a luke warm shower. When we got back from breakfast we tried the shower again and it was lovely and hot.
We didn't hear back from the general manager for a while but had got an email saying he was away and would be back on the 16th September
I waited until the 19th September and emailed him again. He replied apologising for the few niggles we'd had but what has really annoyed me is that he told me he checked the log and our room and the water was fine we just needed to let it run !!
Obviously he checked our room after the event and the boiler had been sorted so of course it was hot ........
I have since emailed head office who replied saying they would contact the general manager who would get back to me but I have heard nothing and they all seem to be ignoring me now.
If he had at least have apologised about the hot water it would have been something but we stay in enough hotels and have a house of our own so know when theres a problem
I have asked for the CEO email address but they say they are not allowed to give it out and I can't find it online. I did find one email address and sent an email but nothing
Any ideas anyone ?
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