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DRO and Rental Agreements

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in IVA & DRO
Hi Everyone,
I'm looking for a bit of advice. Im currently working with Step Change to apply for a Debt Relief Order.

When I initially spoke to them, I asked if my house was safe. Both me and my partner are on the rental agreement but the payments go out of my husbands account and he covers 100% of this bill. I was told that since my husband is not named on my DRO application, it would be fine. The only thing I was warned was that my DRO would likely impact my ability to rent property in the future and that future rentals should be applied for just by him.

I have just called to verify some information with them and been told differently. I am now being told that since I am named on the tenancy agreement, if I proceed with a DRO, we could be asked to leave our home if they have an insolvency clause in place. We arent in a position where we can move house at the moment.

They suggested I call and ask them but I am reluctant to as I dont want to 'flag up' my finances being a difficulty to our housing company or our landlord. Just to clarify, my husband if fully able to cover this bill, he is not in any financial trouble, it is me that has all the debts and they are all under my name only.

Can anyone advise me on this?


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