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We have a pending broadband and landline order with Vodafone. We have been told that our number cannot be transferred to Vodafone.

This number was originally a BT number, then we transferred to TalkTalk, now we are trying to transfer to Vodafone.

I understand there are issues with transferring TalkTalk originating landline numbers, but that is not the case here - it started as a BT number.

Can anyone comment on this? Can I take a new number now and transfer the old one down the line?

I don't want to lose our number but I also don't want to be associated with TalkTalk anymore!

They have cancelled our order now - without our permission - and have only said that we can recreate our order online as our number should be transferable, but the thought of another hard credit check and another failed transfer fills me with dread!


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    This happens on occasion and there are the odd times where a number cannot be transferred, it's often a by product of local loop unbundling.

    There was a big thread on Vodafone's website about people who had issues transferring their numbers to them (including from TalkTalk but other providers too) which suggests it more of a Vodafone problem.

    Presumably Vodafone was your cheapest option for internet? If it has now been cancelled you can pick somebody else?
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    If you relinquish your number it goes back into a pool for re-allocation.

    According to the TalkTalk forums, where I have been a member for years, once this happens it cannot be retrieved and allocated to another provider.

    Your only option to keep your number is for Vodafone to confirm it can be transferred as part of the order.
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    Hi Simon,

    We'd be happy to look into this and see what we can out for you, can you get in touch on Twitter (@TalkTalk) so we can take your details?

    Thank you,
    Charlotte - TalkTalk Social Team
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