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New kitchen - Advice on Northern Ireland prices?

We are extending our house in Northern Ireland and the main point is to have a new, bigger kitchen. Is £13k reasonable for a kitchen with about 20 cabinets + island, with laminate worktops? We got two quotes around this price which includes appliances (other than fridge freezer) and fitting. We were hoping we could stick to our <10k budget.

We had been to Make Kitchens near Boucher Road and their quote, including fitting, was around 7.5k, but we have seen many bad reviews. I just want to know if we should keep looking or if we need to accept 13k as a reasonable price. We do not intend to go the DIY route.

Anyone with recent experience with kitchens in NI who can advise on prices?

(Apologies, had posted this originally in the wrong forum)
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