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Three Mobile Broadband

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Broadband & Internet Access
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  • worried_jimworried_jim
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    Pokerking wrote: »
    All I know is speedtest shows 197Mbps for my VM and 89Mbps on EE 4G LTE so ill see Tuesday :beer:

    £25pm for 89mbps is good enough. I would be keen to hear how you get on as I am considering this too.
  • I will try and do a mini write up. There is not much info out there about this product in the real world. Hopefully its not pants!! Ha.
  • Terry98Terry98 Forumite
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    Pokerking wrote: »
    I will try and do a mini write up. There is not much info out there about this product in the real world. Hopefully its not pants!! Ha.

    As someone has paid for the product it will be interesting to see if you come to the same conclusions as this poster who got it free!
  • Well DPD have failed the delivery due to a van breakdown! Brilliant start :rotfl:
  • Well I have it and been using the device now for a few hours and....

    It looks very nice, but it performs worse than my Echo plus 2 sound quality wise, its very 'tinny' and lacks bass, it is poor tbh. Massively let down.

    Also lacks support to control devices such as my light bulbs, plug sockets etc.. It only acts as an alexa smart speaker so no iTunes/Spotify support. Didn't realise this so its not an Alexa device replacement.

    Ths UI and setup was easy, turns on and connects within 10s, my VM hub takes 5 mins after a reboot to fully operate.

    I have been testing the device in various locations upstairs/downstairs and I am not able to achieve a good signal its amber in the app which indicates a poor 4G signal.

    Speedtest indicates;

    Three AI Cube
    50ms ping - 19.2Mbps D/L 31.2Mbps U/L

    EE 4G
    14ms ping - 89.2Mbps D/L 27.1Mbps U/L

    Virgin Media 200
    4ms ping - 197.1Mbps D/L 28.9Mbps U/L

    As you can see its not usable for a household. I stream a lot of 4k YouTube videos, play my PS4 and have a daughter doing all sorts on her phone, SkyQ downloads are very slow.

    I'm not really sure what to make of the device, I had high hopes but it seems not for me :(
  • buglawtonbuglawton Forumite
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    Why didn't you pop a Three SIM into a phone and test the ping and speed before ordering the Three AI Cube? Also a bit of basic Google research would've shown you were never going to get gaming ping responsiveness from any 4G.
  • Well because its not a phone and probally would perform differently? The fact I got good speeds with EE I was hoping Three would atlest be close. It was worth trying just to see if 4G would be comparable with household broadband/fiber.

    Also was interested in tested the AI hub and see how it would perform.

    I did pleanty of 'basic' reaserch. But thanks for your input :beer:
  • buglawtonbuglawton Forumite
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    Sure, for anyone else on the same path, a speed test with any 4G phone will give a fairly accurate idea of a 4G home router's performance at the same location in a house. I know because I tested it that way before trying 4G with the main router. In my case Smarty on Three's network was completely adequate for multiple HD streaming as Three never goes below 50 Mbps here on a medium to good signal. No one in the family games anymore so the mediocre ping is unimportant for us.
  • I am on the same path! Was testing three in places I use mobile as thinking of switching to take advantage of go roam in the States. This is when I discovered three 4g gave me a reliable 80-120 Mbs anywhere in the house. I then discovered three 4G home broadband deals for existing customers £18pm for unlimited data and an upgrade router (not the Alexa speaker-£16 for the basic router. This is pretty favourable to my current NowTV deal at 30Mbs for £25pm. That is due to end next month

    We do stream never in 4K and almost never more than one HD stream. We don’t game so from what I’m reading three would suit me well and be a nice saving, plus I could actually take it with me in the UK and even overseas (they allow up to 12 Gb on go roam on unlimited plans)

    Is there a possible downside I’m missing?
  • tberry6686tberry6686 Forumite
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    Anyone know how to test the speed on a mobile (Iphone). I'm interested in getting mobile broadband in my house but don't want to spend money on a box and then find it is to slow
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