Im reclaiming my charges back

Good afternoon all, id like to say hello to everyone here and explain why i'm looking in to reclaiming the charges that have been applied to my account over the years.

What bought me to this decision. It was a simple closing of an account i had with TSB and their inability to carryout a simple request from a loyal customer who had been with them for many years.

I became a customer around 1995 and had my 1st mortgage with them along with quite a few loans over the years.

But in 2011 i suffered a very serious accident at work which unfortunately rendered me permanently disabled to which i have never worked again.

My Wife had to give up her job which she loved to look after me, So their was only the one income from my benefit and disability coming in to live on and supporting a family with 2 young daughters it became very tight as you can imagine. But this never stopped the TSB charging me on top of charges for years, rendering me to have to have to take an early pension out to live on and get by.

We have struggled over the years with these charges being added sometimes having to venture in to food banks at times of immediate need as charges would swallow up what was left to live on. having to ask family to help out shouldn't have to happen but it did.

After years of what i would call bank abuse and the final straw of their not so generosity i decided enough was enough and on the 28th of July after contacting the bank by phone i was told i could only close my account either by putting it in writing or going in to my local bank. I chose to put it in writing to the address i was given as this way would be far easier than having to venture in to my local bank with my limited mobility.

So the letter was sent asking to close my account with immediate affect and any further charges stopped and the account settled.

I received no reply. So again on the 13th August i sent a second request for closure. I received no communication from TSB at all. and when i saw that they had again charged me service charges and charges on top of charges i decided enough was enough so i got my wife to take me the 5 mile journey to the bank to personally close the account and try and recover the recent charges that should not have gone out if closed like requested.

After asking for August/Sept statements and explaining what had happened i was told i would have to put it in a complaint to the same address as previously for a refund. So i thought you have not helped me in the slightest over the years and still to the last trying to abuse the system the best they can its time to try and take back what they have taken of me and my family.

So the journey begins we shall fight the good fight. I guess i get all my statements for the last 6yrs and go on from there. i may well need pointing in the correct direction at times if you guys dont mind.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

kind regards


  • Write a complaint and ask for a refund of any charges since you requested the account be closed. You may get lucky.

    You won't get anything returned prior to that date.
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    Is the account in question in credit - if not they will not close it until you pay it off.
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    Taffi wrote: »
    I guess i get all my statements for the last 6yrs and go on from there.
    The Banks won their high court case about charges a decade ago now so you won't be getting six years of Bank charges refunded I'm afraid.

    You'll also have to pay off any outstanding debt before you can close the account.

    If you complain that you are in current financial hardship and can show this then the Bank have to respond sympathetically, but that does not mean an automatic refund of even some charges. They have a range of measures available to them which includes Debt Management, a suspension of interest on existing debt or a temporary freeze on future charges.
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