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Newbie here!
Looking for much needed advise.
Long story short i owe the council £972 for unpaid council tax from last yr.
I was happily paying them £75pcm after it was sent to court, unfortunately i managed to miss a payment, so off it went to ‘CollectServices’ and they have been knocking and now the debt is £1252!! And that’s after paying £120 🤷🏼!♀️.
So i spoke to StepChange and decided a DRO was for me as i have other debts to tidy up.
I spoke to the council and informed them i was working with Stepchange but not about my pending DRO, but now i only have 1 wk left until they send ‘Collect Services’ back round.
So my question is would you, should I inform Council I’m filing for a DRO as it’s a good 4-5 wks off completion according to StepChange.
I know not to let enforcement agents in my home but it’s my car I’m concerned by, although it’s 15yr old nothing special car it means a lot to me as it gets my children to the clubs they attend.
I just can’t fave them knocking and the anxiety i gave been feeling to come back, every car door every noise it mad me jumpy and on edge the whole time.
Any advise would be gratefully appropriated.


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    Personally I would not, though I am aware that that contradicts Stepchange's advice.

    I have seen too many bailiffs get aggressive when they know a DRO is imminent.

    Bailiff charges are £75 and £235 - it sounds like both have been applied though it doesn't quite add up and you should ask them about that.

    Could you phone the bailiffs and try to set up a payment plan with the first payment being at the end of the month? Obviously you wouldn't make it but it might buy some time.

    You're going to need to park your car on private land away from your house. I know that's inconvenient but it will be a magnet for them if it's on your drive.
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    Collect services won’t speak to me or set anything up! They say i can only deal with the enforcement agent, i tried phoning and left a message, he never got back to me and then I received another letter and another visit!
    They said they will contact me for payment but again i have never heard from them on the phone!
    I’m not about to let them in or chat in front of all my neighbors.
    It’s the actual council that allowed me time to communicate with Stepchange, and hold collect services off for a while, so i was hoping if i spoke to the council direct about the DRO they will call off collect services, or am I just being naive? 🤷🏼!♀️
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