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Electrician quote

Hi guys,

How does this all look to you? We were estimated £1700 but now that it's all complete, its £3056 which was a bit of a shock.


Light points - 19 x £45
Power points - 7 x £60
Modifications to light switching - 1 x £90
Replacement fuseboard - 1 x £500
Undercupboard lights - 1 x £55
Induction hob feed - 1 x £130
Oven feed - 1 x £90
Other appliance feeds - 4 x £60
Cloakroom fan & isolator - 1 x £150
Kitchen extractor fan - 1 x £80
Brass fittings - 13 x £12
TV point relocation - 1 x £40
Tripple dimmer switch - 1 x £60
Earth bonding to water main - 1 x £40
Connecting customers outside lights - 3 x £25
Outside socket x 1 x £75


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    Doesn't look unreasonable. Not sure what "modifications to light switching" relates to.

    What were you estimated Stg £1700 for, and what was added/altered before the Stg £3056?

    Incidentally there is no such thing as "earth bonding" - it is main protective bonding. Earthing and bonding are completely separate concepts.
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    Complete re-wire?

    We're having -

    11 ceiling light fittings and switches - including 2 bathroom-compliant light fittings

    24 double sockets (not incl kitchen)
    Induction hob and extraction fan

    Double oven
    Final number of other kitchen sockets undecided.

    1 x triple switch
    1 2-way switch
    2 electric showers

    2 bathroom extractor fans
    2 external lights
    1 external socket
    4 TV points
    2 smoke detectors

    New consumer unit in new location

    Meter is being moved so electrician is fitting meter box and will be on hand to switch power from old meter to new.

    We are supplying light fittings to main rooms.

    Electrician visited and quoted for our requirements - £4200.

    6 days in, at least another 2 to go and returning on day of meter move.
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  • Ah we made an amendment to the kitchen so meant moving a socket.

    The original £1700 was for the fuse board, 16 spotlights and a possible pendant light over the island which we didn’t have in the end. He forgot to quote for sockets and appliances etc.

    So all in all it’s looking ok?
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    It's what I would expect and if you have had great feedback/recommendations for them it's worth the reassurance to use them
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