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GDPR & Direct Marketing

I seem to be getting more unwanted post for subprime cards/loans so have started sending section 21 notices to stop direct marketing, which is working but typical responses back include
We can confirm your information was obtained from Experian, who share their data with a number of companies for postal direct marketing purposes.
So have tried sending one off to experian, lets see if that works.

Anyone else tried to get CRA to stop passing on info for marketing purposes with any success?


  • The link below might be useful if you want to opt out of marketing. It came up on a google search...
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  • BoGoFBoGoF Forumite
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    To be honest I think the majority are

    a) not that bothered about junk mail
    b) if they are bothered would not go to the effort of contacting a CRA.

    There are that many sources and people tick boxes accepting t and c's all over the place without realising they are giving consent to share.

    Are you on the 'open' electoral roll?
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    nic_cnic_c Forumite
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    I'm on the edited roll, have been whilst at this address. I used to get vanquis etc applications at my old address and it seems I'm now getting them at this.

    I used to simply bin the stuff, now I've decided to request I don't get the marketing.

    Thanks for the link, gone through it and jumped through the hoops they put in your way, guess they hope people won't persist.

    I agree most people probably won't bother about junk mail or be bothered but not go as far as seeking to get it stopped.
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    I get lots of them - as they usually have a company name on them they go straight into the recycling bin
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